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Here is how my program to rebuild health works-

First we run non-invasive functional lab tests to assess how your body is functioning.  You answer several extensive questioners so I can see how your health correlates with those labs. After getting the lab results and your questioners back, I will set up your own personalized DRESS for health success program for diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation to help you reclaim your health!  We will meet via phone or video call to educate you on what we found as well as get you going on your personalized program.

Programs Available-

1) The Basic Initial Health Investigation

This includes two functional lab tests to start off the investigation.  In the first saliva test we look at your cortisol levels throughout the day along with your sex hormone function.  This information alone will let us know how severe your dysfunction is and lead us where we need to start making changes. In the second urine test we assess gut function, oxidative stress, and liver function.  This test gives us a clear picture of the deeper stress your organs face.  We discover more areas of healing opportunities!

2) The Full Initial Health Investigation

This includes everything in the basic investigation, plus 3 more tests. A urine based leaky gut test, a stool based pathogen screen, and a blood based food sensitivities test. The leaky gut test will tell us how much nutrition is being absorbed, and how many toxins and food particles are passing through your intestines into your blood stream (not good and the base for all autoimmune conditions). The pathogen screen will look for parasites, bacteria, fungi and yeast that may be wreaking havoc on your system.  (This is what I found for myself that is the base of most of my health complaints).  In the food sensitive’s test we will see what foods your body is reacting to.  These foods can create leaky gut themselves, or just metabolic chaos throughout your system- joint pain, acid reflux, allergies, skin conditions, anxiety, thyroid malfunction etc.  Many complaints one would never imagine came from the food we eat. If you really want get to the bottom of things I highly recommend The Full Health Investigation!

3) Six-Month Health Coaching Program

Once you know what to do it is a matter of doing it.  In my six-month health-coaching program we work together to get the job done. Often when know what do to we just need to do it. This program includes by monthly phone or video one-on-one calls where we motivate you, hold you accountable, and keep you on track to health success. This can be done alone or with one of the other programs.

4) Stand Alone Coaching Call

Forty-five minute call for problem solving or new lab follow-ups.